Why us ?

Riyam Gruop as our being focused on customer satisfaction Our primary service is to give you an honest and respectful way our customers. The quality of our products as well as our being innovative and innovation will improve both you and society. koryarak you value your satisfaction with our products and services we provide will make you special and different.


Riyam Group Te friendly, responsive and expert borne by people and you'll get the answers to all your questions.

Quality Products


Our products will meet all the requirements you are looking for but are sensitive to quality and the environment...


100% Local


All of our products consists of domestic resources and the use of any imported material.



But with absolutely no carcinogenic substances in our products and renewable extremely healthy



Our products are in any way in nature and will not harm us as manufacturing and production is ensured ..,



Our products are designed to be durable and buildings have no negative effect on the static.





The entire product range of our company is to guarantee the life of the structure up before a notary public.




Our company is specialized in R & D have since applied by identifying inadequate products in the construction sector with its experienced staff, the environment, it produces a range of products for the building regulations.



Our company in order to complete the Riyam Group quality of your project smoothly and easily, start work after our consultancy is to support you until you are finished with you at your site.





Riyam insulation plaster as rate 7/1 alleviate the static load of the structure, the occurrence of cracking in existing applications and structures.



All products are boşaltılır.h joins 75-speed mixer into 10 liters of water to the mixer includes a bag