Cinque Terre
Welcome to Riyam Group!
Riyam Information Group, the owner of the structure and the experience is a company growing by adding the accumulation of the past and serving the growing construction sector.
New Generation Line Decorative Surface Texture
New Generation Decorative plaster Plain Texture
New Generation Tissue Grain Decorative Plasters
New Generation Audio And Thermal Insulation Plaster
New Generation Insulation Plaster Interior
New Generation Insulation Plaster Moisture and Mold Prevention
New Generation of Exterior Insulation Plaster
About Us

Riyam Group, with accumulation from the past. One of the problems facing today's front montale often in the construction sector but, inspired by problems with the sound insulation of R & D as a result of 2 years research has revealed a new generation of dust groups. 14,000 square meters integrated with our facility and our annual production capacity of the new generation of hypocrisy flats 20:00 am group entered the chemical structure of the market.

Our Mission

Willing and excited in a way appropriate to offer innovative products to its customers and working age. Work to contribute to the country's values and social grounds, and to support the development

Our Vision

Adding his experience from the past, both at home and in the world becoming a global company providing the best customer service in the international arena.